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Our scouts make the pack go, but VOLUNTEERS make the pack run!  We always need volunteers, whether for activities or in an administrative capacity to help maintain the group. If you're thinking about helping out but have questions, please feel free to contact us. We need and appreciate all your contributions!


We have several eagle scouts at any one time as parents in the pack.  You do not need to be an eagle to volunteer or be a pack or den leader.  You do not need have any scouting experiences either.  All you have to be is a parent that wants to provide a great experience for your son.  If you are one page or one step ahead of the scouts, they will see you as an expert.  Sometimes the best things are what happens while you are trying to do something else.  Even a failed project is a great experience as the kids still participate, learn and have fun.  It is the process and doing their best that counts.

Scouting is as much about parent involvement as it is scout involvement.  Volunteer and get your hands dirty!