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Pinewood Derby

The Pinewood Derby may be the best known activity, other than camping, that is most identifiable with Cub Scouts.  It started in 1953 and has grown into one of the most anticipated times of the year.  Scouts race for pride and trophies in their dens, and the winners go on to the final heats for the pack championship.  This is so much fun we also open up a special bracket for parents, leaders, and siblings.

The pack has a high-tech laser timing system (no kidding) that can detect the times down to 1/10000th of a second.  We had what we think is the first ever tie in our pack with a race of this precison in  2016.  That's right, down the 1/10000th of a second.  It can be that close.  Scouts are encouraged to do as much as they can to constuct the cars by themselves, as long as they can do so in a safe manner.  It has become a tradition to work on the cars at the pack winter camp out.

Good luck!  We are off to the races!