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Camping and Overnights

Our pack holds 4 pack sponsored campouts per year. Two, sometimes three, of these outings are tent camping, with 1-2 being indoors. One of these outings is typically a single overnight at a single location, such as the Newport Aquarium or the Columbus Zoo. Check our event schedule for the coming events for the pack or a specific den.

Tent Camping.. What to Bring

While this isn't a complete list, you should consider bringing the following:

  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag,
  • Pillow
  • Bug spray (seasonal)
  • Additional blankets if the nights will be rather cold.
  • Pocket knives and Whittling Chip card- this only applies to Weeblos. Knives are not permitted for any Scout that is not a Weeblo. We will be checking that they have their cards with them. If they don't, their knives will be taken and returned to them at the end of the weekend.
  • Comfortable clothes based on temperatures outside
  • Comfortable shoes to hike in
  • Toothbrush and other toiletries. 
  • Needed medications
  • Your Scouts should bring their Scout book and a pen or pencil so that accomplishments can be completed.

Cub Master Steve Notes

  • Kids like water.  Water gets everything wet.  The boy scout motto is 'be prepared' ;)
  • If you don't pack rain gear, it will rain.  Every time.
  • Socks are king.  Wet feet, even from sweat, can freeze your feet in the winter.  Dry feet are warm feet.  Always pack more than you need.
  • Cold weather camping tips
    • Cotton kills.  It is great in the heat and terrible in the winter
    • Opt for wool, polyester (think fleece), or blended, but stay away from cotton as much as possible
    • Wool is expensive.  Kids grow out of things quickly.  Camping can be messy.  Take advantage of 2nd hand clothing and good will stores to get really good wool clothing at an incredible price.  You do not need to spend a lot to be equipped.  The hardest thing is boots.  Look at the freecycle or the Bexley for sale to get used winter boots.  They are often in really good condition as they are only worn for a few months at most before they are grown out of.
    • Layers are important and an outer wind break is great too.
    • Warm hats help a ton.
    • Don't forget to keep hydrated.  A silghtly dehydrated body does not stay warm very well.  Kids do a better job of this then adults generally because they listen to their bodies better than we do.  Coffee does not help with hydration.  It just wakes you up.
    • Eat fats to stay warm.  You will burn things off just by being out and about for 40 hours in a camping environment.

Camping Do's and Don'ts 


  • Encourage siblings, other parents and guardians to attend scouting events, including scout and family camps. 
  • Pay any camping/outing fees early to the Baloo or coordinator. These fees show how many are attending for event planning and allow the purchase of food and necessities timely. 
  • Volunteer early for duties on the Duty Roster, or a duty can be assigned for you.
  • Bring extra socks and shoes.
  • Bring rain or snow gear.
  • Help in packing and unpacking Pack property for departure/arrival to and from camping events.
  • Encourage your scout to use the Buddy system, no scout should go anywhere alone. 
  • Have scouts travel in uniform to scouting events.
  • Do sign in/out at camping events.
  • Everything you can to ensure a positive and fun experience in scouting for our boys. 


  • Let scouts bring any electronic devices to any scouting events. This includes iPods, iPads, Nintendos, phones, etc. This is distracting for everyone. We also challenge each parent to limit their own time on their phones and to truly be present for your child in creating a fun and positive experience.
  • Allow your scout to put anything in the camp fire. Scouts and their adults will be given one warning only.  
  • Permit your scout to play with sticks in an aggressive manner. 
  • Bring food into tents.
  • Enter another's tent unless invited or given permission to do so, scouts as well. 
  • Smoke in front of any scouts at any event. Smoking areas will be designated if required.
  • Bring alcohol or other restricted substances to scout events.
  • Allow scouts to run near tents, camp fires or camping equipment. 
  • Permit your scout to bring or carry a pocket knife unless they are a Webelos who has earned their Whittleing Chip.
  • Bring firearms, ammunition, personal archery equipment, fireworks or personal hatchets. No machetes.
  • Sleep in a tent with a child that is not your own.